Active Projects

Budgeting Software
2016 – 2017

I currently track my expenses in a very elaborate spreadsheet. My goal for this project is the convert the spreadsheet into a desktop app using Python. This project is still in the brainstorming stages.

Past Projects

Senior Design Project: Composite Filament Winder
2016 – 2017

This is the multidisciplinary senior design project at RIT. I am working in a team of six people, four mechanical engineers and two electrical engineers. Our project is a composite filament winder that makes carbon fiber tubes. The tubes will be used on the Formula One car at RIT for lightweight drive shafts and steering shafts.

Raspberry Pi Security Camera
Spring 2015

With less than $100 in components, I constructed a basic security camera system. For this project, I used a Raspberry Pi and a Logitech webcam (C510). Additionally, I also needed to use a USB wireless adapter to allow my Raspberry Pi to connect to the Internet. I made use of the motion package that is available for Linux. I made some simple modifications and configuration changes to this package. This set up the camera to take pictures when motion was detected. These pictures were then uploaded to a web serer via FTP. From the web server, the pictures could be viewed remotely.
Winter 2013-2014

Having known the basics of HTML, I decided to improve upon my abilities by creating a website. I learned more about how to use HTML, and I also taught myself CSS. Additionally, I learned a little bit about Javascript. The website was designed and built over a two week period. In December 2014, the design and structure of the site was reworked to improve the user interface and mobile scaling.

Fall 2013

This was a project completed for the lab portion of Digital Systems II. It involved making a reduced instruction set computer (RISC). Various elements of a processor; including the ALU, RAM, ROM, registers, and counters; were designed and created with Verilog. Additionally, a custom instruction set was implemented for the processor. To conclude the project, the machine code for a multiplier was fed to the RISC. This code was also tested on an FPGA. This is the class that I went on to TA.

Password Generator

This was a system that I used in the past to generate my passwords for various websites. The idea was to avoid using the same password for multiple websites while only having to remember a master password. The solution that I came up with was to use the Playfair cipher. Basically, I seeded the cipher with the name of the website. Then, I used the master password to generate a unique password for the website that I needed to log in to. This is annoying to do by hand. Therefore, I made a simple script that would do this for me. The script takes the master password and the name of the site that is being logged in to. From these inputs, the script outputs the correct password. I implemented this in C and Python.